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Subsidiary Feeder(SCD-Food)

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Subsidiary Feeder(SCD-Food)

│ Facts │

Over 7 kinds of high active lactic ferments, yeast, photosynthetic bacteria, and bacillus subtitles exist in product.

│ Efficacy, Effect │

Betterment of digestive function/blastoporlepsis/immune function/reduction of somatic cell/improvement of feed efficiency/reduction of feces, stink/suppression of harmful gases/meat quality improvement/increase of milk producing/increase of spawning rate and hatchability/extension of spawning period/ruminant stomach function enhancement/increase of fibroid material digestion rate and absorbing rate of nutriment.

│ Package │

500ml x 20 / 1L x 12

│ Directions │

Livestock Directions Dilution Ratio

Fowl like chicken, duck etc

supply water for 3days after injection with vaccine

500~1000 times

supply water for 3days when changing feed

supply water at the time of promoting spawning rate and increase of activity of egg-shell

supply water at the time of delivery and during outgoing

1000~2000 times

Domestic animals like cow, pig etc

supply water for 7days when weaning

supply water for 7days at the time of changing feed

supply water at the same time of delivery and during outgoing

supply water at the time of staminer lowering of piglet boar, sow

supply water at the time of immunity lowering

supply water when recovery diseases get late due to many kinds of antibiotics

│ Features │

  • Helps absorbing of mineral nutriment by resolution of high molecular compound(nitrogen, phosphorous compound).
  • Stabilizes microbe in intestine of raising hog, duck, broiler, cattle and has function and capability of pathogen removing, environmental improvement, reinforcement of immune function, control of diseases and satisfying the efficiency of feed.
  • Removes ammonia gases, hydrogen sulfide, amine which are substances causing stink in feces.
  • Digestive enzymes, amine acid and mineral etc are plentiful and ability to biosynthesize Vitamin B group is excellent.
  • Amount of excrements reduces since absorption rate of feed and resolving ability of organic matters.
  • Has the effect that suppresses propagation of molds or harmful bacteria in stable since biomaterial(Enzyme) extracted from active micro bacterium.

│ Characteristics │

  • Product acquired eco-friendly certification mark from OMRI which is Eco-friendly Material Certification Institute in USA.
  • Product inquired strict sanity, safety and quality assurance certification from international certification institute , American Sanity and Safety Agency.
  • Dilution ration is high and very economical due to composing of high active EM (Efficiency Microbial).
  • Quality is superior and safe since we produce proper products conforming to Guide Line of GMP of USFDA with the best quality product and safety.