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│ Facts │

  • Lactic Ferments 3.0X105 ctu/ml
  • Fermentation Fungi 1.0X105 ctu/ml
  • Photosynthetic bacteria 1.0X105 ctu/ml

│ Efficacy, Effect │

  • Remove other harmful odors including ammonia, hydrogen sulfide.
  • Remove stink in landfill, garbage disposal plant, sewage disposal plant, stable

│ Package │

500ml x 20/ 1L x 12

│ Directions │

(microorganism deodorant STINK AWAY manual using EM)

Applied Space Dilution Ratio Directions

Stable, Peggery, Chicken farm etc

500times~1000 times

Spraying every 1~2 weeks after dilution with water. Fogging with nozzle system is more effective. Adjusting concentrate and treatment times is available.

Landfill, Garbage disposal plant(Too stinky place due to decomposition)

Sewage disposal plant, Gathering place of domestic sewage(Other too stinky place)

500times~1000 times

Spraying fluently after dilution with water. Adjusting concentrate and treatment times is available according to stink level.

When producing compost including garbage, livestock excretion.

this product 1L-2L/1ton compost

Treat 1-2L of this product with 1Ton of compost. Recommended to use 2~3 times

Other spaces generating stink

500times~1000 times

Adjusting concentrate and treatment times according to stink level is available.

│ Function │

  1. Fast suppression of odorous substances like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide.
  2. Reduction of stink is stable like pig fence, chicken farm.
  3. Reduction of stink in other spaces like landfill, sewage disposal plant.
  4. Soil improvement with arganism resolution by microorganism.
  5. Settlement of BOD's rapid increasing problem caused by eutrophication in stream nearby stable.

│ Features │

  1. It is a product with high safety used in advanced countries including USA.(Product acquired certification mark of OMRI in eco-friendly investigation institute in USA.)
  2. It is economically feasible due to great deodorizing effect and dilution ratio.
  3. Eco-friendly product harmless to human, animal and environment.
  4. It is effective in reducing ecological load with settlement of BOD's rapid increasing problems.
  5. Effect lasts long since EM(Efficient Microbial) microorganism increases continuously.

Active proliferation of microorganism suppress stink and increase of BOD' in sewage disposal plant.
Quick odor resolution action over livestock excretion improves to clean stable environments.
Aquatic ecosystem protection and water improvement due to reduction of BOD. BOD? It means Biochemical Oxygen Demand. As BOD increases, it's getting environment which aquatic organism is impossible to live due to deficient oxygen.

│ What's EM microorganism? │

  1. It is microbes including aerobic-microbes including helpful bacteria, fermentation, fungi, actinomyces and anaerobes, lactic ferments, photosynthetic bacteria and shows synergy effect with co-existence.
  2. STINK AWAY is product made of tens of microorganism as showing synergy effect through co-existence of aerobes and anaerobes.

Solves Stink in landfill and stable by suppressing the generation of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, stink source.
It is eco-friendly microbe deodorant suppressing the root source of stink and solving stink problem arising from ammonia, hydrogen sulfide since lactic fermenting microbe quickly resolves organic matter difficult to resolve using EM(Efficient Microbial)