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Roach Power Gel

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Roach Power Gel

│ Roach Power Gel │

  • Powerful roach luring insecticide
  • Suppression resistant development
  • Consecutive insecticidal effect is excellent
  • Superior residual effect duration

│ Efficacy, Effect │

Extermination of Roach, Ant...

│ Package │

20g/our own packing unit

│ Features │

Superior insecticidal effect to existing resistant dr,ugs as Phenylpyrazol insecticide.

  • Low toxicity, very safe to human and animal
  • Fast effect to roach. Luring effect and consecutive insecticidal effect is excellent. Residual effect lasts long.
  • Permitted by KFDA on June, 2009. Registered as export insecticide.
  • Dosage :0.3~0.5g/1m2

│ Mechanism of action │

stomach poison and contrast toxicity by eating

│ Target pest │

Roach, ants, flea

│ Place to apply │

Kitchen, sink, refrigerator, water heater.